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Considering Canines Ltd is a company passionate about dogs, with a particular interest in working towards building a comprehensive understanding of their needs, wants, and desires, and using this information to build a positive, enriching, and harmonious relationship between dog and owner.

 Our services are built on the foundations of the undoubtable love and passion for your dogs. Using positive, reward-based training, and walking services to help guide and support you through each stage of their lives. 

We ensure dogs are given both the physical and mental enrichment in which they thrive off, in addition to providing the tools you need to enjoy the special bond between dog and human, working towards fulfilling all aspects of your lives together.

Katie is an IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) accredited dog trainer with years of experience, who practises in:
- Pet dog training (both group classes, workshops and 1:1’s) ranging throughout each life stage (puppy, adolescent and adult dog training)
- Gundog Training specialism with links to fun obedience. 
- Experience training assistance dogs (case dependant) 
- General rescue dog training (obedience and engagement type training). 
Other services Katie offers are dog walking (option of group walks, One on One walks and training walks).

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Katie has 3 years’ experience working as a Dog trainer and walker, she is a member and trainer accredited by IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) and uses only modern, engaging, and positive, rewards based training methods. 
Katie studied Animal Management and has AS level qualifications in Animal Behaviour, Animal Training modules, Animal Biology, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Welfare and Ethics, Husbandry, Animal Health and Disease & Human and Animal Interaction.

Katie’s main passion for dog training stems from watching and reading situations where communication and understanding is invaluable to both dog and owner. She has a keen interest in learning and applying the key principles behind why specific behaviours exist and the motivations behind this, in order to provide high quality training, and gain desirable behaviours through rewards, reinforcement and connection.

Katie’s love for dog training was ignited when welcoming her first dog into the family- a working Cocker Spaniel. Initially, his drive, stamina and mental thirst was overwhelming, but this inspired Katie to pursue a greater understanding on how to develop their bond and relationship. 

The first step in this process for Katie were taking her dog to regular puppy training and socialisation, where she learnt the basics of dog obedience skills, what behaviours were, why we wanted them, and how to get them. 

However, she soon realised that this service alone was not enough, and that more breed specific training was needed. Katie’s next step was to contact a positive gundog trainer, where she experienced her first 1:1 training session. Katie found herself inspired by this unique training style, as it really allowed her to tap into the mind set of her dog, and to understand exactly why behaviours he was demonstrating existed, and how to manipulate and mould these behaviours to suit everyone as a team. This session furthered Katie’s passion, as she found herself captivated by learning the language of the dog, and how to apply this in real life scenarios.

Katie dove straight into achieving this, spending the next few years working as a dog trainer and walker with an established positive gundog trainer; all the while maintaining a job in Pets Corner to expand her knowledge on other areas such as nutrition, grooming and enrichment. She thrived off this opportunity, picking up as much experience and knowledge from other trainers as she could. Katie learnt the importance of just watching dogs interact with both other dogs and handlers, and realised not only how diverse training was, but additionally, how adaptable it was and how the skills of Positive Gundog Training are adaptable and applicable to all other training plans. 

Katie soon found that owners of these working breeds were experiencing the exact same problems she had with her own dog back when he was a youngster. This allowed her to not only fully appreciate the challenges they encountered, but she was also experienced in how to over-come them by using simple changes and incorporating the dynamic skills of basic gundog training that are accessible to any owner. The results were rewarding, impressive and inspiring, leading to many people wanting to delve further into the gundog world or just simply to continue to learn new gundog type skills and how to tailor them to their specific needs. 

Katie now focusses her training sessions on obedience skills within Gundog training, using fun and engaging games alongside specialist techniques that can be learned by anyone. These techniques can be used to help not only working type breeds, but dogs from all life stages (puppy, adolescent and adult), in addition to rescue dog training and occasionally assistance dogs who need to retrieve items, learn heelwork in diverse environments, and develop fantastic engagement and recall. 

Katie’s true passion is building a great working relationship with all her clients in order to provide a high quality service people can trust. Ensuring her everyone she teaches feel comfortable, reassured and guided.